The documentary

“Brin d’Amour” is an invitation to a singular journey into the world of a peculiar man: Alain Vigneau.

A  documentary film that will portray the extraordinary life journey of this man, from his childhood wounded by a family drama, to his years as a shepherd in the high regions of the Pyrenees Mountains, till becoming an international performing clown that performed everywhere from Namibia to Indonesia.

We seek to unveil the experiences lived and insights acquired by Alain during his fascinating life, which allowed him to become an acknowledged art-therapist, who delivers workshops worldwide to groups from Brazil, Russia, Mexico and many European countries.

To understand how creativity and art can support a work that is transformative and capable of nurturing our childhood dreams, we will follow Alain to some of his Essential Clown workshops in different countries, in what we hope will become a thrilling testimony on the rescue of human dignity and humour.

Alain-Espana-1Like Alain says: ”When we turn our past into our own heritage, we can safely ‘return home’ protected by a little red nose, in a path of freedom and touching experiences of joy, madness, poetry and humanity.

Production Plan

The film will be shot between October 2016 and February 2017. We expect to conclude post-production by October 2017.