Portrayal of the life and work of Alain Vigneau

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    “Brin d’Amour” is a singular journey into the world of the art-therapist Alain Vigneau. A 52-minute documentary film, which portrays the extraordinary life path of this man and his amazing work – Clown Esencial (Essential Clown).

    We seek to step into Alain’s mysterious art, which generates a transformative work capable of feeding our childhood dreams.


    • Crowdfunding

      Next February we will launch a crowdfunding campaign to finance the documental film ‘Brin d’Amour’. We ask your support to help us realize this project. We believe the humanity and poetry entailed in the the work of Alain Vigneau carry out such a strong message of self-acceptance and freedom that many people could benefit from […]

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